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Confucius Institute at University of Bahrain Holds First “Be
published date: 2017-05-25 views:66
     On May 13th, the first “Belt and Road” International Seminar of the Confucius Institute at University of Bahrain (UOB), sponsored by the former and co-organized by UOB officially opened under the theme of new energy and cross-cultural communication. More than 500 professors from seven countries attended the seminar, 35 of whom gave remarks. Riyad Hamzah, President of the UOB, Qi Zhenhong, Chinese Ambassador to Bahrain, Gong Siyi, Vice President of Shanghai University (SHU), Wu Xueying, Chinese Director of the Confucius Institute at UOB and other honored guests were present at the opening ceremony.

Group photo at the opening ceremony
     In his speech, Riyad expressed his full recognition of the active role the institute has played in teaching the Chinese language and promoting the Chinese culture. He also commended the institute for sponsoring the seminar.
Gong Siyi said that energy issue is a vital part in the implementation of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. In the next 30 years, the demand for energy in developing countries will keep growing. The Confucius Institute at UOB held the seminar at an opportune moment, and Gong hoped that it would contribute to the local new energy industry.

Gong Siyi delivering a speech
     Wu Xueying quoted a saying from one Bahrain museum about nation-building to explain the mission and development strategies of the institute.

Wu Xueying delivering a speech
     Qian Guangren, vice director of the Institute for advanced study at SHU, and Waheeb Essa Al-Naser, Vice President of UOB along with Foreign Director of the Confucius Institute at UOB delivered keynote speeches concerning new energy respectively. Qian briefly introduced the fundamentals about SHU and detailed the national key laboratories at the faculty and the key laboratories in Shanghai. Waheeb delivered a speech titled “Advantageous options for Arab countries in future power production”.

Qian Guangren delivering a keynote speech
     Four main topics led the discussion on new energy: new energy projects in Gulf countries, new energy policies, training and education of new energy talents, and the application of new energy. Three Chinese representatives from SHU, namely, Associate Professor Xu Run, Researchers Cao Meng and Zhou Peng delivered speeches on their respective topics.
     The institute also held a special seminar on cross-cultural communication at which Riyad chaired, and more than 20 representatives from China and other countries were present, including the former Egyptian Ambassador to China, Bahraini Foreign Ministry officials and teachers of related majors from both UOB and SHU. They shared their research prospects on the China-Bahrain relations, cultural studies, the development strategies of Confucius institutes, Chinese language teaching and the strategies of the “Belt and Road” Initiative. Yao Ximing, Director of the College of International Exchange of SHU, Guo Changgang, Vice Executive Director of the Graduate School of SHU, Wang Yi, Vice Director of the College of International Studies of Prince of Songkla University, and Wu Xueying delivered speeches respectively.

Riyad presiding at the seminar on cross-cultural communication
     The event marked the first time that such seminars were held in Bahrain, and coincided with the Belt and Road Forum for International Cooperation. It gave the participating countries a more comprehensive grasp on the Belt and Road Initiative and made it possible for new ideas for solving the bottleneck problems in energy development to be put into practice.
     The Confucius Institute at UOB is actively responding to the Belt and Road Initiative’ polices by improving the quality of Chinese teaching and creating bridges of exchanges between the two universities and the two peoples. As the first of its kind, the seminar served as a role model for other Confucius Institutes to hold such in the future.
     Xinhua News Agency, DT News Bahrain and other mainstream media at home and abroad covered this seminar. (cited from Confucius Institute Headquarters, source: The Confucius Institute at University of Bahrain)